Whether advertising media or souvenir - we attach your idea onto glassware, ceramics or porcelain.

Elegant, decorative, stylish or promotionally effective. In our product range, you will find the suitable article for you or your client for any occasion, regardless of whether made of glass, ceramic or porcelain. Approximately 150.000 glasses, cups or jugs per day are decorated in our factory in Neudenau. Whether small batches or big charges, we help you with our know how and decoration options to present your brand promotionally effective in order to position it sustainably and effectively in the market. 


Variety of products

Wine glasses, cocktail glasses, shot glasses or cups, the right glass for beer, sparkling wine, soda or juices, you'll find it here!


Souvenir worlds

Go on a world tour with our great souvenir programme from Munich to Monaco to Paris and London. 


Restaurant items

From A for Antipasti plates to Z for zesters - you'll definitely find something you need among our vast stock of restaurant items.




Approximately 150.000 glasses, cups and jugs are decorated in our factory in Neudenau "Made in Germany" every day.


Let yourself be enthralled by our diverse decoration variants.

Our glass, ceramics and porcelain assortment contains a large choice of basic and gourmet products, decorative drinking glasses,carafes,bowls and much more. The extensive offering will fascinate you and your client by its consistently high quality level.The ideal items for your advertising application!
Have fun browsing in our rich offering of items to be decorated.
Here you can find our current catalogue. More about the numerous options of decoration and ennoblement, however, is provided here.

Christmas without glühwein is like a summer without sun.

And for this reason Böckling gives you a special treat for your eyes so that you can really enjoy your glühwein!


fast, uncomplicated, inexpensive

[Translate to English:] Schon wieder ein Bild, aber auch das dient nur der beispielhaften Darstellung.

Velvety soft.

Make your advertising palpable - no problem with our flock decoration!

[Translate to English:] Schon wieder ein Bild, aber auch das dient nur der beispielhaften Darstellung.

Catalogue to browse.

Our current online catalogue to browse with many new articles in our extensive range of goods.